Umphrey’s Bowl To Be Simulcast

Speaking of simulcasting concerts, Umphrey's McGee has just announced that the UM Bowl 2010 will be broadcast live on The show will be performed in four "quarters."

The evening will be broken up into four quarters of music, each with a different interactive theme. The First Quarter will kick off with an acoustic set chosen entirely by attendees. The Second Quarter will showcase their successful Stew Art Series (S2). Q2 will be entirely improvised and driven by bi-directional text communication. The playlist for Q3 will be decided by the votes of fans. And for Q4, the fans in attendance are the quarterback. The band will begin a set of UM classics, and along the way, they will be able to "call an audible" by texting in their vote as to which direction the band should go in.

So not only can you watch this from the comfort of your own home, but the band will perform at the whim of fans' text messages. Sounds like the coolest technocombination ever!