Think You Traveled The Furthest To Attend Lockn’?

Well if you came all the way from Australia to Lockn', you’d be right!

If you recall, the North Branch School’s Participation Row action was to place a pin on a map indicating where you travelled from. After Lockn’ they brought the pin-filled “Tell Us Where You Are From” map to their campus in Afton, VA and their 6th and 7th graders analyzed the raw data.

North Branch Stats


They chopped up the map into 6 regions and determined what percentage of Participation Row visitors came from each region. Here are their results:


The middle schoolers got more than an interactive math and geography lesson from Lockn'. Funds from the Participation Row auction will also support the school’s music education program. Specifically, the money will go toward  singing lessons for all ages, rhythm instrument instruction for ages 3-7, recorder instruction and learning to read music for ages 8-10, and instruction for a variety of instruments for those ages 11-14

We received this wildly adorable thank you note from Aleena at the North Branch School and couldn't be more excited for her to learn to play the drums!

Park School Drawing-page-001


Southeast -- 51%
Northeast -- 20%
Midwest -- 14%
West -- 9%
Southwest -- 3%
*Other -- 3%

*Other includes Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Cuba, Germany, Holland, Italy, South Africa, and Australia.