The Life of a Photographer…

So I just finished flipping through Jay Blakesberg's book of photographs from 1978-2008 entitled "traveling on a high frequency" and realized there is no way to leave from my day's report this tid bit of info regarding he and The Dead.

 Paging through these photos of muscians wasn't the standard, 'oh, this is nice' two minutes of looking at pretty pictures in a coffee table book. It started that way, but then I got caught up in how cool BB King is, how invigorating it would feel to play a packed house at Red Rocks (the most beautiful venue I have ever seen) and how many stories Jay must have to match the 300 pages of musicians captured within his book. Twenty minutes later, I am wondering what a life it must be to watch and capture people doing what they love.

 Anyway, now that I have developed this little envy-crush on every rock photographer and writer, I should get to my point: The Grateful Dead and Jay Blakesberg are making a concert book for every show on their 17 date 2009 tour. Read more about it here.