The Great American Roadtrip: Wilco, Part 1

All that stood in our way on the first show of Wilco's North American Summer Tour was the 100 degree weather. But we hardly noticed the heat when we approached the breathtaking venue. Red Rocks Amphitheater is majestic. Fans and artists alike are humbled by the sheer beauty of nature that surrounds the amphitheater. We were lucky enough to spend two days surrounded by this natural beauty, as well as immersed in the music coming from the stage.

After a scenic drive around the area, it was time to start what we had come there for: registering voters. We set up at the very top of the amphitheater, joined by Patagonia's Vote the Environment campaign, while listening to the Punch Brothers sound check. The heat was not going to stop us from talking to fans about voter registration, the importance of voting, and the environmental campaign.

As soon as the doors opened and Wilco fans started flooding in, it was obvious that the crowd was enthusiastic and responsive. Colorado is known for having a large number of transplants, so there were a ton of fans experiencing Red Rocks for the first time, many of whom needed to update their voter registration. There were so many good vibes in the air; we were excited to be starting the tour with Wilco and concertgoers were taking in the whole experience, including the magic of Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The good vibes multiplied when the music started as the sun slowly began to set. While people ambled around up top to grab a beer or hit the bathroom, many made a stop at our tent just to thank us for being there and working for HeadCount's cause. Coloradans are known for being motivated, especially when fighting for the environment, and  the best way to get their voices heard is through their vote.

The entire show was nothing short of amazing. The team, the band, and the fans alike all seemed to be relishing everything around them, the music flowing out from the stage and the natural beauty of Red Rocks.

Now off to Salt Lake for a sold out show at the Red Butte Garden.