The Great American Road Trip: Dave Matthews Band, Part 2

"You need to do more than believe if you really want to change the world "

After successfully frequenting every single fast food chain in existence in a matter of five days and with Ryan Cabrera's "On The Way Down" on full blast [We're tween superstars, remember?] we waved goodbye to the Lone Star State and ventured to Hotlanta, passing through Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana en route.

As we arrived in Pearl, Mississippi, the team stopped for some steaks and potatoes (and "The Perfect Chicken Sandwich" for Justin) at none other than Lone Star Steakhouse. With the help of our waitress, Shalanda, we got a taste of some real southern hospitality before heading to Meridian, Mississippi where we experienced our first night of actual sleep.

After sleeping through breakfast, we were off to Georgia! Of course, we started the day with a trip to Chick-Fil-A (No. 13 on my Bucket List) and it was nothing short of perfection (Thanks for recommending the provolone, Carol.) Four hours later, we landed in Duluth, Georgia where we spent the night eating, listening to some sweet tunes, playing cards and "bonding."

What did we learn about each other?

1. Anthony has a tough time understanding the premise of the game "Never Have I Eve.r"

2. Sarah has never slept with a professor.

3. Emily and Justin aren't a compatible couple, mainly because their child would be the hairiest human being to ever walk the Earth.

The next day, the group celebrated a pretty significant milestone: Our one-week anniversary. What did we do to celebrate? What any good couple would: visited The World of Coca-Cola, took a romantic stroll through Olympic Park and of course, went to see Dave. In fact, we were all in such high-spirits upon arriving at Aaron's Amphitheater in Atlanta that we successfully registered over 100 voters!

It was magical.

But it wouldn't be fair for us to take all the credit. We had a group of incredible and experienced volunteers, all of whom helped make Atlanta the second most successful show of the tour so far. With the help of HeadCount Team Leader Racheal Griffin-Jackson, and her wonderful crew of volunteers, we felt we were really connecting with the Atlanta DMB community.

As for the actual concert? It was mind-blowing as always, with Dave whipping out some Ants Marching and ending the show with our favorite long-haired lady, Rapunzel.

305 registrations in 3 shows? Not too shabby.

With three successful shows under our belts, the team was pumped for Charlotte, North Carolina. After eating at Bill Spoon's Barbeque (Rated in the Top Ten in the U.S for its BBQ by the Huffington Post) - the team arrived at The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Charlotte for our fourth show. With the help of eight volunteers, including a brother/sister team (Hi Marissa & Josh!) , our experience was nothing short of splendid. Not only did we register voters, but also we managed to make friends with some true Dave Matthews Band fans. Scotty, from Fort Lauderdale, was in Charlotte for his 30th show.

Think that's impressive? Megan from Fredericksburg, VA was there for her 85th show. And we'll see her again in Bristow!

Hartford, Connecticut is the next stop. Northeast, we're ready for you! Are you ready for us?