SXSW is Taking Over the World (in a good way) - HeadCount

SXSW is Taking Over the World (in a good way)

The whole world is at SXSW this week. Seriously. Increasingly renowned for its ability to break new artists and serve as a music business networking Mecca, artists and industry professionals from all over the world trying to make a name for themselves have spent the dough to make the trek- some all the way across the world. Billboard reports that international artist and music company representation ranges from Canada and Mexico to Spain and Germany, all the way to Australasia. They all seem to believe it is worth the exorbitant costs (almost $18,000 for the Australians) to see and be seen.

Who's the band to be seen this year? Spin says Telekinesis. If you're wishing you were there to decide for yourself, this site gives a few different options for live concert streaming, including a week-long webcast from npr or directions for 8 hours of performance every day if you are a Direct TV user. I wish I knew about this sooner...