Rock The Earth Awards 2009 Planet Defender Awards

Rock the Earth announced their 2009 Planet Defender Award winners on Thursday. In three different categories, Artist, Community Leader and Grassroots Activism, winners included the band, Incubus, for their interaction with the Make Yourself Foundation, Green For All founder, Van Jones and Energy Action Coalition Executive Director, Jesse Tolkan.

In response to his award, Jesse Tolkan said, "Young people are building a powerful grassroots movement that is leading the way to a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future we deserve. We started by making our campuses and communities living models of sustainability and possibility. Now we are redefining what is politically possible in order to pass bold federal climate and energy legislation."

For their support of Rock the Earth's mission of defending the planet one beat at a time, each winner will receive an original award collectively designed and created by Joe Benevento, Jason Garrett and Chico Raskey (Chico Artglass).