Phish: No Sex Please, We’re Transcendent

cc-phish-riding-hotdogThe relationship between Phish and its audience "isn’t about the short-term fling of sex," writes a columnist for Good Vibrations Magzine, an erotica and sex-toys site, "but rather about the long-term gain of a loving relationship." In an article titled "Phish: A Most Un-Sexy Experience," writer "John Thursday" goes on to say that Phish's "audience communes through the band, they love the band for being the band." OK, fair enough. But many (many) are the Phish shows I've attended that have left not a dry seat in the house, so to speak, in response to the slinky funk of a "Ghost," "YEM," or "2001," not to mention the launch and liftoff of an orgasmic "Bowie" or "Antelope." Seems like a sex columnist would be a little more attuned to that sort of thing, although it's not easy to trust someone who sees U2 as inhabiting the erotic continuum between supersexy Prince and r&b nutcase Cat Power.