Phanatic Phish iPhone App Funds Music Education

Mr. Trey Anastasio could have a lot more free time on his hands. From now on, all he'll need to do to generate a setlist is give the Phanatic iPhone app a quick shake, as I just did, and – voilà – an imaginary setlist like this will be generated:
Set 1
Mike's Song
Weekapaug Groove
If I Could
My Soul
The Landlady
Wading in the Velvet Sea
The Old Home Place
Slave to the Traffic Light

Set 2
Split Open and Melt
The Squirming Coil
Skin It Back
Sleeping Monkey
Rocky Top

Hold Your Head Up

It looks vaguely old school because version 1.0 of the app doesn't yet include songs introduced on the Fall tour. But get in on the ground floor anyway, because this app's a steal and updates are coming down the pike. (Got a better one? Include it in the comments section.)

And anyway, the shuffle function's just the icing on the cake of this $0.99 app loaded with comprehensive setlists, stats, and links provided by our pals at the Mockingbird Foundation. Ten percent of the app's net sales (not just profits) will go to the Foundation, which has so far provided $609,750.40 to music-education efforts.

The Phanatic app delivers all this and more:

* Search every show by song, tour, date, venue, city, or state; watch YouTube videos with 1-click access from any setlist page; and email any setlist (real or fantasy) to friends with 1-click.
* Ever wondered how unique the setlist is that you're currently seeing? Or how many times certain songs have been played in the same show, the same set, back-to-back, etc.? Phanatic allows you to type in the setlist during the show and calculate these stats in real time, with immediate updates on openers, closers, encores, bustouts, debuts, last seen dates, and more.
* A Set-Shake feature allows you shake the device to get a random real setlist, or to randomly generate a fantasy setlist.
* A Links section provides a comprehensive list of fan sites, official band links, and Phanatic App links to stay in the loop and find what you need.

The Phanatic app is the Mockingbird's second iPhone licensing initiative. Released last month, iDIDN'TKNOW: Phish Game consists of five trivia exercises – Phinal Exam, Phanagrams, Phuzzy Math, Tour Libs, and Wookipedia – perfect for those long hours on the road between shows.