On the road update…

Time has indeed been flying by here at HeadCount - we are a month into our touring season, but it feels like we've been on the road forever!

Over the past month, we've had teams on the ground and on the road with the Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, and Ratdog. We are about to hit the road with John Mayer, O.A.R. and STS9 in the upcoming weeks as well - there will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer, so do be sure to sign up to do so! It's the work of the amazing volunteers who come out to see us night after night that has helped us register thousands of fans over the past month!

Our first leg of Jack Johnson wrapped up in Minneapolis about a week ago. We came just shy of getting 1,000 people registered to vote over our first five dates, and recruited several hundred new volunteers as well - we hope to see you all out at a show soon! Jack himself has been super supportive - coming out to greet our volunteers on a few occasions, and even giving us a shout out from stage in Minneapolis! We're pretty eager to get back out on the road with the All At Once Tour once it comes back to the US in August.

Jack Johnson meets with HeadCount volunteers in Milwaukee!

Our Dave Matthews team is still braving scary weather, but they are pulling through - we haven't even hit the halfway point of the tour and have already gotten over 3,000 DMB fans registered to vote! Our touring crew even got a chance to meet Dave, and were pretty pumped by his support and interest in our work.

HeadCount touring team knocking Dave Matthews off his bike...

Pearl Jam is wrapping up their tour tonight in Boston - Amanda, our HeadCount touring rep is tired, but still sad to see the tour end! We are wrapping up with close to 1,200 Pearl Jam fans registered to vote and committed to hitting up the polls this November. Shout outs from Eddie have also been a nice bonus along the way!

Pearl Jam volunteer crew!

Our Ratdog team of Sara and Lizzy got started in Oregon last week. They are on a west coast run, having already hit up Eugene, Seattle, Boise, Salt Lake City, Sacramento and Los Angeles. They have a few more stops before their tour wraps up in Northern California next week, and have gotten several hundred Ratdog fans registered to vote along the way!

HeadCount volunteer registering a voter

Be sure to check back for more updates from our on the road teams, and you can check out more tour photos here. And don't forget, we need you to VOLUNTEER! Sign up today!