Nathan Moore Records ‘A Picture Of Hard Times’

Andrew Bruss interviewed singer-songwriter Nathan Moore for Jambase. Here's a sample:

"I guess with the new album there's a picture of hard times, of the recession that we're involved in, and there's a little bit of the traveling vibe [incorporated] but from the perspective of a traveling troubadour, so there are Walmarts instead of boxcars," Moore says. "This really is an EP, in the sense that it's an introduction, a beginning of a new relationship with a label, so this is more of a half guitar/travel/calling card thing that we've made. If I was making an album, I'd be sure I was making a well-rounded expression, but with this, the thought process was a little different. It's a little more utilitarian, and a little less conceptual. When I make an album, everything complements each other and makes a story. This wasn't a storytelling album."

And here's Moore performing "Hard Times":