M.I.A, Oprah and Sri Lanka

A few days ago, we reported on Dave Mathhews and his twittering for a cause: Awareness for Sri Lanka. It seems he is not the only musician worried about the brutal situation.

On Tuesday, M.I.A attended the "Time 100" honorary dinner, as she was included in their list of 100 Most Influential People of 2009 (it actually lists 107 people). I'm not quite sure how you can already have this list compiled, as it is barely May, but ok. Nonetheless, M.I.A was honored and rubbed elbows with some very interesting people, including Stella McCartney, journalist Tavis Smiley (whom she commended for his honest and in-depth reporting on the situation in Sri Lanka) and Oprah. The last of this list was obviously the most exciting for M.I.A.

This was all reported on M.I.A's MySpace. At the end of her post, she links to a video of camps in Sri Lanka and reaches out to Oprah, asking if she can "DO SOMETHING PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?" If anyone can actually save the world, I guess its Oprah.