Lady Gaga doesn’t ask, she tells (quietly)

Last night at MTV's Video Music Awards Lady Gaga entered the scene escorted by four former U.S. Military members that were affected by the current "Don't ask, don't tell" policy which bars open gays, lesbians or bisexuals from being in the military.

While Gaga is usually "louder" about making her voice heard regarding social causes, she took a much more subtle route this time. She did make her escorts known on Twitter, but did not vocally speak out before or during the awards (she had many opportunities from stage to do so). She simply had them walk her down the aisle. She also urges fans on her website to call the U.S. Capitol and ask the Senate to include a repeal of "DADT" in next annual defense spending bill.

While artists often use the stage as their podium to speak their mind. Fans can often be turned off by this rhetoric, arguing it's not the time or place. Agree or disagree, maybe it's time more artists took a cue from Gaga and found more subtle yet interesting ways to make their opinions known.