Jam Cruise Calling

Want to go on Jam Cruise 11 for free? Volunteer to make some phone calls reminding fellow music fans to vote. The more calls you make, the better chance you have of winning. The prize includes a spot in the HeadCount Jam Cruise cabin and $400 in travel expenses.


As a Jam Cruise Calling Volunteer, you will participate in a virtual phone bank.  All you need is your computer, phone and some time!  Just make 20 calls and you will be entered into a lottery to win the Jam Cruise prize.  If you make another 20, you’ll double your chance of winning. There’s no limit to how many calls you can make and how many times you can enter.

The winner of the Jam Cruise Calling prize will receive one spot in a cabin with other HeadCount volunteers. Not only do you get a free vacation, you’ll also meet awesome people who are equally dedicated to getting out the vote!

Jam Cruise 11 will feature performances by moe. Galactic, Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, ALO, Greensky Bluegrass and many other great HeadCount artists. Any HeadCount volunteer on the ship can attend a special Artist Dinner where musicians will dine along side HeadCounters from around the country. Click here to learn more about Jam Cruise or book a cabin.

How the Phone Bank Works:

A few days after you sign up, you’ll get an email from HeadCount with basic instructions. You’ll be given a unique log-in to the phone bank, and your computer screen will automatically populate with the contact’s information and a non-partisan script with critical get-out-the-vote information. In most cases, the person at the other end will be someone who recently registered to vote. Your job is to chat them up and encourage them to get out there and cast a ballot!

For every 20 calls you complete, you’ll be entered into a virtual lottery to win the Jam Cruise Calling prize. The more calls you make, the better chance you have of winning!


When you sign up, you’ll also need to agree to Terms and Conditions that include a confidentiality clause, affirming that you will not record or retain anyone’s personal information or use that information for any purpose other than the Get-Out-The-Vote phone bank. You also agree to never check off a call as “complete” unless you actually spoke to the voter or left a voicemail. (we’ll check!)

It’s all explained in great detail in the contest rules. If you have questions about Jam Cruise Calling please email [email protected].

So get on board with Jam Cruise Calling.