Interesting People Doing Interesting Things

Here at HeadCount, we are always excited to see people, especially youth, speak up. If you're in the mood for a little inspiration, check out a few of these incredible change makers.

"You Voted, Now What?": Have you ever been stared down by a man draped in metallic, gold fabric with all exposed skin painted in gold? Were you then surprised to realize you weren't in a piazza in Venice, but outside your Congressman's office? The Bus Project focuses on getting young people involved in politics through any means necessary including, but obviously not limited to, mimetic costumes in front of Capitol buildings, Halloween canvassing and high school field trip-style travel. Its all about effective fun to these guys

"It takes a hood to save a hood": Can Chris Brown take his lessons learned and, after reforming himself, change an entire community's view on violence?  United Playaz violence prevention and mentorship organization was started by a former convict and drug addict. Their goal is to "uplift communities with people power while transforming thugs into community leaders"

"Free TibetTV": Would you ever consider interviewing Chinese and Tibetan officials, then sneaking the interviews past governmental censoring restrictions? What happens if you get caught? Students for a Free Tibet used their tech savvy to explore, record and disseminate photos, videos and interviews about injustice in China and Tibet to their communities and the world.

If you just can't get enough of these stories, you can check out a few other spots:, and are great places to start.