Guilt-Free, Free Music

Wilco has released a cover of Woody Guthrie's "The Jolly Banker" for download on their website. While you can download it for free (with the stipulation that you will "make it up" to them later) there is a suggested $2 donation with every download that goes to The Woody Guthrie Foundation, a foundation devoted to the peservation and perpetuation of the life and legacy of Woody Guthrie. Also, since the song lyrics are strangely reminiscent of present banking issues, there is a download option that reads: "I am/was a banker/hedge fund manager/credit default swap trader. I know times are tough, but I'm just fine thank you. (Suggested minimum donation $100)." 

In other free, though notably less interesting music news, Coldplay is giving away a new, live album to every fan who attends one of their concerts and is providing it free for download online starting May 15, the opening night of their tour.