Gordon Jams with Fans to Promote Album

When it comes to creative album release promotions, this may be the most memorable - and obvious - to come along in many years. Phish bass player Mike Gordon simply invited his fans to join on stage for a long, free-form jam. One by one, dozens of musically adept (and at times starstruck) fans stepped on the riser and showed "Cactus" their best stuff. Here's a description of the experience from longtime fan (and respected multi-insrumentalist in his own right) Jordan Marion.

Tonight I had the pleasure of being a part of Mike Gordon’s CD release party dubbed “The Mossery”  being held at New York’s Kenny’s Castaways.  I hadn’t stepped foot into Kenny’s since 1995. This was the location of my former bands first NYC gig.  I got on line at 3:30 and was pleased to find that only 3 other people had showed up before me.  I felt confident that I would actually get a chance to play with the Cactus himself.  After a quick 4 hour wait, we finally got a chance to enter the venue to check out the newly redecorated Kenny’s. The first thing you notice upon entry might be the huge green moss ice sculpture, or maybe it would be walls and bar and stage covered with stringy green moss.  Possibly it was the live owl you got to pose for a picture with, complete with green moss background. Either way it was quite the scene and everyone looked Mossy wearing their “MOSStaches” that were handed out online.  Kenny’s was packed and the house band began their set with Mike Gordon on bass, Sir Joe Russo on drums, Scott Murawski on guitar.  As they started playing It was hard to believe I was about to jam with Mike Gordon.  He is hands down my favorite bass player and seriously the most funkiest white man alive.  I got the opportunity to play some keys and percussion with Mike and the band tonight and it was quite an amazing experience that I will not soon forget.

Check out Jordan's photo too. He's the guy with the "Big Head."

[caption id="attachment_10172" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="L to R: Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Jordan Marion"][/caption]