Arcade Fire’s Suburban Experience

Arcade Fire's newest album "The Suburbs" is a burst of energy and emotion that stirs up the nostalgia and memory of growing up in small towns, or any town really. On their video for the single "We Used to Wait" they take it a step further. Partnering with director Chris Milk they use Google Street View to create a personal experience for every person that watches it.

Go to The Wilderness Downtown and type in the address of where you grew up. Unfortunately if your home was too remote the experience won't be as cool. (It worked for me.) Also, you'll need Google Chrome or Safari for it to work. Don't be afraid of all those windows popping up, they are part of the experience.

This is a pretty slick marketing scheme for Google, and with their recent net neutrality issues it might be bad timing for Arcade Fire (or good timing for Google). But for now, lets give the artists the creative benefit of the doubt, because in the end, this video is doing something that nobody has done before.