Al Schnier On Gathering Of The Vibes Death

home_topAs you've probably heard by now, an apparently grisly death marred last weekend's Gathering of the Vibes. It was the first time anybody has died at a Vibes since the annual event's 1996 debut. I attended the festival and can attest that this unpleasantness was in no way representative of the festival as a whole. Vibes was truly a pleasure; great music, great people, and, aside from some drastic weather, it went off without a hitch.

moe. guitarist and HeadCount board member Al Schnier commented on the tragedy, and its relevance to the band's own upcoming festival, at moe.'s blog:

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I'm sure many of you are aware of the recent incident @ the vibes. a 29 yr. old male was found dead @ the festival. the cause of death is not 'officially' determined as of this time; however, many witnesses have claimed that the body was dumped off by a car w. PA plates & that the death was related to the nitrous trade. there are plenty of accounts posted online, but I'm cautious about reprinting anything here that may not be accurate. there does seem to be a lot of evidence suggesting foul play on the part of the nitrous mafia.

I know this must be extremely difficult for the friends & family for all involved, & I share my condolences & compassion for them.

secondly, I need to make it known that nitrous is not welcome @ moe.down. the nitrous mafia is not welcome @ moe.down. small, independent dealers are not welcome. drug trade is not welcome @ moe.down. if you are targeting our event, simply as a market to prey upon, stay home. you are not welcome. DO NOT COME TO MOE.DOWN TO SELL DRUGS.*

moe.down has always been envisioned as a family reunion for moe.rons far & wide. it is an annual event in which family & friends can come together & enjoy friendship & music, & celebrate casually & safely in a peaceful place.

as the festival has grown, we've strived to keep moe.down a safe, friendly atmosphere that is still a good family environment. we will continue our efforts to make moe.down a good place.


* I am not republican (not that this is nec. a bad thing). I am not a neo-con, christian right "war on drugs" spokesperson. by most people's standards, I'm probably fairly liberal. I am not actually registered w. any political party. I do not do drugs. You can make your own choice. I just do not want you to come to our event & sell them.