A Busy Day on Capitol Hill

As we all know, President Obama addressed Congress last night. In case you missed it or want to review his speech in agonizing detail, the NY Times has an incredible feature online. You can watch the video (divided into categorized segments so you can dissect the stimulus package details but skip over the Intro) and read through a transcription of the speech while listening to the man himself. There is also a collection of reporters' notes, sort of like annotations. It kind of reminds me of reading annotated Shakespeare where an editor explains what "I bite my thumb at you" actually means, but the list of references and insight is beneficial and interesting nonetheless.

On the other side of Capitol Hill yesterday, CEOs Irving Azoff and Michael Rapino from Ticketmaster and LiveNation were interrogated by members of the US Senate Judiciary antitrust subcommittee. This was not the start to an official investigation, but could encourage one. In an article by Billboard, Azoff claimed that, "If we are successful... ticket prices will go down," while Rapino argued, "This deal will benefit them [music fans and rival businesses] as we spur competition and innovation." 

I'm not sure what they will decide, but much of the music industry is skeptical of the deal. Unfortunately, I can't think of a Shakespeare reference for Irving Azoff or monopolized ticket prices at the moment... Regardless, I don't think this is the last we will hear of the potential investigation.