5 Political Apps for iPhone

The race is on for the 2012 Presidential election. Thanks to some genius apps, voting and political life just got a little easier. Here are 5 apps to download that promise to make the election more fun.:

PolitiFact - From the Pulitzer Prize winning website, Poltilifact.com, comes their newest creation the ‘truth-o-meter’ app. This app will tell you if the presidential candidates, current president or other American political figures are telling the truth. This app fact checks and fills you in on the real deal. $1.99

Call Congress - This is the perfect app if you are a concerned citizen and looking to make a change. Call Congress is a very easy to use; it has a list of every single senator and congressman you need to contact. Don’t be confused that they all have the 202 (i.e. DC) area code. Added bonus: it’s Free.

Obamaandme - For your silly political side, download this app immediately. It is a great time waster for those long days at work. You can now have President Obama in every picture you take! You can shrink his full body image to fit in the palm of your hand or have him tower over your favorite fast food restaurant. $1.99.

Political GPS - Can’t decide if you prefer the donkey over the elephant? This app provides it’s user with a 30 question test that points you in the right (wing?) direction. Browse through to brush up on your Constitutional rights, or check out Congress and see what your elected officials are doing for you.  $.99

NY Times 2012 Election - This app is easy to use and is definitely a must download app of 2012. Keep up with current news, polling data, candidate information and live election results. The app seems to always be one step ahead with its quick updates on the latest news developments. The updates and information come straight from The New York Times. Added bonus: it’s Free.

You can also download these apps at www.itunes.com.Pay attention, start getting involved and don’t forget to VOTE!

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