17 Ways Deadheads Can Change The World

Here are 17 socially-conscious actions that Deadheads can take while at the 50th anniversary concerts - selected by the non-profit organizations who will be in “Participation Row." Fans can visit the non-profit tables at Participation Row, and get a free, limited edition postcard for every action they take.

  1. 1. Provide healthy food to communities in crisis (Conscious Alliance)
  2. 2. Protest the impacts of pesticide & GMO research with social media (H.A.P.A.)
  3. 3. Register to vote (HeadCount)
  4. 4. Bang the drum for those with autism (Hidden Wings)
  5. 5. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor (LOVE HOPE STRENGTH)
  6. 6. Share your psychedelic stories (MAPS)
  7. 7. Send a postcard to support marijuana legalization (NORML)
  8. 8. Rank your favorite live recordings (Owsley Stanley Foundation)
  9. 9. Ask Congress for food aid reform (Oxfam)
  10. 10. Join a movement to save the rainforest (Rainforest Action Network)
  11. 11. Use social media to stop corruption (Represent.US)
  12. 12. Send a text or photo to support America’s Clean Power Plan (REVERB)
  13. 13. Volunteer for a day for an organization or school in your community (Rex Foundation)
  14. 14. Write a letter to the EPA (Rock the Earth)
  15. 15. Restore sight to a blind person in need (Seva Foundation)
  16. 16. Sign a petition to stop offshore oil drilling (Surfrider Foundation)
  17. 17. Become an organ donor (Unbroken Chain Foundation)