10 Years of the iTunes Store, 10 Years of Songs You Recognize Because They Were in iPod Commercials

It’s the anniversary of the iTunes store, so we’re looking back at years of commercials advertising iPods and featuring songs you can buy in the store.

The commercials of the early days often featured the “silhouette” style and catchy songs by bands you’ve never heard of. When looking back at the commercials, we found several featuring songs we didn’t think we knew. We were wrong. We knew all of these songs, thanks to Apple’s legendary 30 second commercials.

Not all of them feature the unknown, but there is still a common theme. The ads are all in the category of “feel good.” Even the ones by artists that are considerably more well known are still upbeat and happy.

Most of the ads were effective in the department of song recognition, but only one prompted me to actually make a purchase. After seeing this one for the first time, I ran to the computer to Google what song it was. I then immediately bought The Fratellis’ “Flathead - EP.”

It’s always fun to embarrass people on their birthday, so to conclude let’s all look back on this gem.