Zach Jaffe

Born in New Jersey, raised in Arizona, and having lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (again!), Zach Jaffe has traveled the country and the world in his pursuit and love of music.

After graduating from law school in San Diego in 2012 and going on to write contracts for major motion pictures he realized that the legal world just wasn’t for him and fully immersed himself in the world of music and technology.  Working for 4 years as a founding member of SUBPAC Tactile Audio Technology, Zach evangelized new music technology and worked with some of the biggest artists and events in the world to showcase new immersive ways to experience sound.

Zach is currently the Marketing and Partnerships Manager for North America of Beatport, the world’s largest high quality digital music store for DJs and is based out of the LiveStyle office in Beverly Hills.

Having been passionate about politics and social issues his entire life, Zach comes to Headcount in order to combine his love of music and activism as a force for good in the Los Angeles music community and beyond.