Terry Bartley

Terry Bartley began volunteering with Headcount in early 2019.  Browsing Twitter one day, he came across a series of tweets about easy ways to get active in politics.  One of these tweets mentioned HeadCount.  After heading to their website and reading about the non-partisan methods they use to reach out to new voters, Terry knew he wanted to get in on that.  Terry has loved live music since his college days, hosting the live local band interview show "Snob-Rock Live!" on WMUL-FM, the college radio station for Marshall University.  It has been awhile since Terry has been in front of a radio microphone, but he still loves live music and the community it creates.
Terry has moved around a bit in his life, but he has always maintained a love for his home state of West Virginia.  He has earned a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Phoenix and currently works at the West Virginia Community Development Hub as a community coach.  Terry considers himself to be an active citizen, volunteering with JCI USA for over five years.  Most recently, he served as the President for JCI West Virginia and currently serves as the Program Manager for UNICEF for JCI USA.  When he is not volunteering, Terry spends time with his Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix, Etsy, and is working on a fantasy fiction novel.  A proud, life-long geek, Terry plays a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons with many of his closest friends and previously owned a comic book store.