Shira Grife

Shira is a reformed deadhead and all around music junkie who was raised in Questlove’s hometown of Philadelphia. At 18, she had her first run in with HeadCount when she registered as a first time voter at the first annual Roots Picnic. Shira spent the following 2 years working at Relix Magazine in New York City, where she had the privilege of sharing office space with HeadCount HQ.
Naturally, she fell in love with the organization. Brave enough to take a break from the east coast, Shira moved to Austin, Texas to work as the Manager of Partner Activation at Front Gate Tickets where she could continue to build her career on the music festival circuit. Recently, after years of admiration for HeadCount, Shira decided to channel her political activism in a productive way by helping to give a voice to an entire generation of music lovers via registering voters. Stay informed, make your voice heard by voting, and if you get confused, just listen to the music play!