Louis Spetz

Louis first noticed HeadCount way back in 2004. He had actually brought a stack of voter registration forms to have available while vending falafel on a Grateful Dead tour. Besides the many reasons that this is inappropriate, he decided to go ahead and let HeadCount handle the voter registration, and didn't get involved for another 14 years.
Completely willing to tell the story of how it took 4 polling places, about 5 hours, and an ACLU attorney for him to vote in 2012, Louis has caught up and become a total nerd when it comes to elections. He is constantly working with his local Board of Elections as an optical ballot scanner tech, campaigning and informing voters, or otherwise doing whatever he can to combat voter disenfranchisement.
When he isnt trying to make time for other forms of activism, Louis works in on-site marketing and is wishing he had time to enjoy the fire wood and bourbon that keeps piling up at home. Oddly, his time following the Grateful Dead has been much more useful professionally than his degree in deviant psyche has been so far.