Greg Sarafan

Greg Sarafan started blogging for HeadCount in January 2011.  Since that time he has held numerous rolls within the organization NYC Team Leader, Legal Intern, Employee, Special Event Social Media Management, Pro-Bono Legal Adviser,  Artist Rep, and Training Coordinator.  Greg has degrees in political science and art history from Binghamton University and JD from Brooklyn Law School with a concentration in IP, Media and Privacy Law.  In 2009 Greg presented his theory of Artistic Stylistic Transmission in the Royal Mughal Atelier at a art history symposium at Ohio State University and in 2017 he was a panelist at the Duke University Law School Sports and Entertainment Law Symposium.  Greg spends most of his free time trying to get the knots out of his long haired cats and editing weather charts so his face appears on Beyonce's body hovering over both warm fronts.

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