Emily Garcia

Emily Garcia is from Artesia, California, and joined the HeadCount team in May 2022. She comes from a musical family and has been inspired by artists ever since she was first immersed in live music by watching local tribute bands at age five. In 2021, she graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a minor in Communication, and integrated music into her various extracurricular leadership roles. With an innate curiosity to understand herself and others, she channeled what she learned on her own personal journey into another passion for cultivating safe spaces for people and finding holistic ways to empower them. In January of 2022, she found her way back to her inner child by making a career switch to pursue the music industry. With clarity and momentum, she dedicated all of her energy to this new path and eventually (& magically) found her way to HeadCount! She is so excited to finally pursue her lifelong interests and to continue learning from those that inspire her. In her free time, Emily continues to soundtrack her life with music and loves doing hot yoga and pilates, going on nature walks, and spending quality time with friends.