Damian Zamora - HeadCount

Damian has been a part of the music and voter registration scene since 2003. Then he was the Los Angeles Team Lead for Music for America, he resided in California until 2006 (where he averaged about 60 shows a year) then MFA shut down it's doors. He first heard of HeadCount in 2009 at a Les Claypool show. He started seeing fellow HeadCounters at more and more shows in Arizona. He decided to join in 2010 and traveled many times to Phoenix to volunteer at shows. As HeadCount started growing he applied for an open position in Tucson, and got the Team Lead spot there. From the end of 2011 til mid 2014 Damian ran a strong Tucson team and was able to secure residencies at Club Congress and 191 Toole.

Damian has been involved with music for many years, rather it's managing bands, djing at local venues or even setting up his own shows. The only thing he loves more than music is his family. He has been supporting his brother throughout his Academic Career. His brother has also been along for the HeadCount ride since 2010. After his brother finished Medical School he got offered his residency in Dallas, Texas. So now Damian is rebooting what was Dallas for HeadCount. He has a few major shows already lined up and is expected to secure various residencies, help recruit Rockstar Volunteers, and help out in neighboring cities such as Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Damian is also an Audiophile, He collects records and has quite the library of over 10,000 pieces of vinyl! If you are in a Texas HeadCount event and Damian isn't at the table or registering new voters at a show, you may catch him at the merch table buying a new Record or two to add to his collection.

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Volunteer in San Diego