Chris Tallent

As a grassroots organizer with years of experience working with activists and volunteers in the democracy movement, Chris is incredibly excited to be part of the team at HeadCount. Before joining the team, Chris coordinated campaigns to push Congress to pass legislation including the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Working with national coalitions and diverse partners across the country, Chris organized many actions, events, and tours calling on Members of Congress to put their voters over their big donors and pass reform to protect and expand the right to vote. As an organizer, Chris believes in meeting people where they are and lifting up all voices to win a democracy that includes everyone. As a result, he is incredibly excited about making the connection between music and engaging in democracy. A fan of many genres of music, from punk to folk to jazz and much more, Chris has a particular love for the Baltimore music and DIY scene. Interested in taking action with HeadCount? Don’t hesitate to contact Chris at [email protected]!