Casey Horgan

Casey was raised in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Casey survived long Minnesota winters playing hockey and long Minnesota summer days swimming in all those lakes. Thanks to fellow Minnesotans Prince, Bob Dylan, and great friends, Casey grew to love music. While completing a degree in Biogeography at the University of Minnesota, Casey gained an interest in political affairs, among other things. Way back in the year 2012, Casey moved to warmer weather in sunny Santa Barbara, California and stumbled upon HeadCount. Casey continued to volunteer with HeadCount sporadically over the years in many locations to promote participation in the democratic process. Casey decided to become a Team Leader because he can't think of a better venue than live music events to engage potential voters and encourage civic involvement! Outside of taking in live music and registering folks to vote, Casey can be found recreating in the many wondrous outdoor locations of California. Casey is currently employed as a Biologist with California Fish and Wildlife where he uses the power of the scientific method to help fish.

Volunteer with Casey in Santa Barbara
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