Brian Colombini

Brian Colombini hails from Croton-on-Hudson, NY, a serene suburb of New York City. Brian first encountered HeadCount at Firefly Music Festival, where he proudly stood by his friend as she registered to vote for the first time. The friendly volunteers described the awesomeness of HeadCount to Brian, and he excitedly signed up to get involved. Brian volunteered for HeadCount while finishing his studies in computer science, physics, and music business at the University of Vermont.

Brian has long been entranced by the power of live music, and his belief in music’s ability to bring people together and drive social change has only grown. In addition to volunteering at concerts and festivals, Brian has played guitar in funk-rock bands, interned with a music publisher, and hosted shows on community radio. When Brian isn’t getting down to funky grooves or registering voters, he enjoys biking, reading, podcasts, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. He also works for Goodreads, helping to inspire the world to read.

Volunteer with Brian in Burlington, VT.

[email protected]