Alex Rawdin

Alex is a Philadelphian (Cheltenham, PA, to be exact) by birth, and a New Yorker by circumstance.  After completing a degree in Entrepreneurship (and a quasi-minor in Music) at Syracuse University, he began his exciting and short-lived career as a performer. However he was quickly drawn out of his hometown and up to NYC.

Without forgetting his roots, Alex has immersed himself in all that is NYC, and music.  He still plays (in-studio and live) from time to time, though he spends his days (and late, late nights) working as a music agent at small but prominent music agency in Chelsea.  In addition, he does a bit of management work, some PR/promoting stuff, and consulting on a myriad of music-related items.

When not working his butt off in and out of the office, you can find Alex in various city parks strumming away, frequenting the finest of watering holes the NY Boroughs have to offer, and vehemently arguing that Philadelphia sports are far superior to their New York counterparts.