Diversity and Community Field Fellowship

Promote participation in democracy

About HeadCount:

At HeadCount, we get people registered to vote and interested in democracy. We’re at concerts, festivals, community events – anywhere we can translate the power of music and culture into real action. The Field Fellow plays a central role organizing with diverse communities to build a democracy that truly includes everyone.

About the Position:

HeadCount’s Diversity and Community Field Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for New York City-based students to run voter registration and turnout drives. Ideal candidates should have a passion for working with diverse communities and intersectional organizing to lift up all voices in our democracy. Key experience includes community organizing, voter outreach and advocating for social justice. Prior experience in voter registration, get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts, community engagement and digital outreach are a plus. The Fellow will assist in the execution of HeadCount’s field campaign by conducting outreach to NYC-based community events and organizations and then staging on-the-ground voter registration drives.


  • Commit to 20 hours/week for a four-month (semester) period
  • Set up voter registration drives at HeadCount NYC-based community events and support HeadCount’s overall community engagement efforts
    • Lead outreach that empowers marginalized communities through voting and civic engagement
    • Coordinate multiple events per week after initial training
    • Research and identify voter registration opportunities, build relationships with diverse organizations, reach out to event organizers to offer our services
    • Liaise with HeadCount’s coalition partners and other organizations to set up and manage events, coordinate volunteers, and share best practices
    • Lead trainings and engage coalition partners as needed
  • Lead voter registration drives at events, sometimes with support of volunteers and sometimes individually
  • Work with HeadCount staff to document best practices for community engagement
  • Consult with HeadCount team on communications, branding and messaging

Goals for the Field Fellow:

  • Plan and lead events that help to empower marginalized communities and build a truly inclusive democracy.
  • Gain critical in-person and digital outreach experience in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Strengthen relationships with HeadCount’s community partners, build relationships with new partners, and establish best practices for outreach and engagement. 
  • Help young and diverse audiences engage in the democratic process.


  • $20/hr
  • Fellows must submit a summary of their hours worked at the conclusion of every week and provide detailed reports of their experiences in the field

To Apply:

To apply please send a brief cover letter and resume to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Diversity and Community Field Fellowship.’

While performing the responsibilities of the job, the employee is required to exchange accurate information, detect/identify documents and the information contained in them, move between areas in and out of the office to complete their role. The employee may need to move various equipment including computers to their work location. Lift at least 40 lbs. HeadCount is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to embracing diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices. We celebrate all cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and know that we are better together.