Voto Latino Exchanges Ozomatli, Pitbull Tracks For Census Pledge

This seems more than fair: If you're a Latino citizen (and even if you're not), HeadCount partner Voto Latino would like to share twenty-five free tracks with you in exchange for pledging to participate in the 2010 census.

The Latino community has been traditionally undercounted in past censuses, which means political underrepresentation and underfunding of education, health, and employment opporunities in this community. Businesses use census information to identify markets, cities use it to determine infrastructure needs, and the government uses it to draw up electoral districts.

Voto Latino emphasizes that the census form, which comes in the mail and takes about ten minutes to fill out, neither asks about immigration status nor shares information with other government agencies. While there's certainly plenty of things to be paranoid about as an immigrant these days, the census is not among them.

Here's what you'll get for your pledge:

Pitbull – “Across the Waters”
Morrissey -“When Last I Spoke to Carol (Toy Selectah mix)”
Aventura – “Su Veneno”
Mos Def – “No Hay Nada Mas”
Los Tigres del Norte – “El Emigrante”
Jaguares – “Visible”
Rodrigo y Gabriela -“Hanuman”
Juan Luis Guerra – “La Travesia”
Ozomatli -“Believe”
Los Tucanes de Tijuana -“Los Illegales”
Paulina Aguirre -“Esperando Tu Voz”
Ruben Blades – “Las Calles”
Kinto Sol – “Voy a Sacudirme”
Os Mutantes – “Querida, Querida”
Nortec Collective – “Tengo La Voz”
Antibalas – “Che Che Cole (Makossa Mix)”
Los Amigos Invisibles – “Mentiras”
Ceú – “Grains de Beaute”
Maleco Collective – “Yo Soy La Voz”
Panda – “Solo a Terceros”
Pacha Massive – “If You Want It”
Brownout – “Ayer y Hoy”
Hip Hop Hoodíos – “Agua Pa’ La Gente”
Alvaro Torres – “Te Sueno Grande”
Reyes del Bajo Mundo – “Cuanto Cuesta”
Mishka – “3rd Eye Vision”