Vote From Home During COVID-19: A Resource

COVID-19 is changing everything across the world. While we drastically reduce our movement and stop holding mass gatherings– such as the concerts and festivals that anchor HeadCount’s work– our entire country is faced with new questions about how to support elections in the middle of a public health crisis.  

The answers are in flux and inconsistent. Because each state runs their own elections, there is no universal answer for what we can expect. We also don’t really know how long we need to be practicing social distancing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

HeadCount is here to help! We’ve launched a new resource called Vote From Home to help you vote safely during the COVID-19 outbreak. You’ll find answers for your questions about voting by mail in your state, like:

  • Do I need an excuse to vote absentee?

  • When is the deadline to request an absentee ballot?

  • When is the deadline for a ballot to be mailed in or received by my state?

  • Does my state allow permanent absentee voting for future elections?

You have the option to vote by mail, from the comfort of your home, without being within 6 feet of anyone. But vote-from-home standards vary by state. We hope to see many states rapidly expand their systems in the coming months. 


We’ll be keeping this up to date as state changes occur. 

Bookmark the page, share with friends, and use this resource for yourself to get a ballot by mail for upcoming elections. And most importantly: stay safe.