Tosh Family, (Censored) Eminem Parody Push Prop 19

Tomorrow, California voters will decide on Proposition 19, the ballot initiative that would end cannabis prohibition throughout the state.

Advocates of the measure are turning to music and viral videos to inspire voters to get to the polls on Nov. 2. We've already told you about Snoop Dogg's blunt endorsement of legalization, but here are a few other artists getting out the word on Prop 19:

David Tosh, son of  the legendary Peter Tosh who is responsible for the 1976 song (and album) "Legalize It",  just released a video endorsement of Prop 19 from the Tosh family:

Steve Berke, a comedian/entrepreneur has parodied the Eminem song and music video of "Love the Way You Lie". His version is called "It Should be Legalized."

Of note: YouTube apparently censored the original version of this video. Berke explains (and complains) in this video.