Building on a tradition that began at the first LOCKN', we have teamed up with D’Angelico Guitars up to design a set of custom LOCKN’ guitars that will be signed by the LOCKN' headliners and then auctioned and given away to support the charities of Participation Row. Dubbed the "LEGENDARY LOCKN’ GUITARS,” these one-of-a-kind instruments are expected to be signed by Santana, Robert Plant, members of the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic, and many more.

One guitar will be the centerpiece of a silent auction supporting the 22 charitable organizations that form the “Participation Row” non-profit village. A second guitar will be given away through a free raffle at to encourage fans to visit Participation Row.

The auction and free raffle will be held at the Qello Concerts Lounge on Participation Row, in the main concert field.

Be sure to stop by once you are onsite at Oak Ridge Farm!