Team Leader of the Week: Holly Bowling

Name: Holly Bowling
Location: San Francisco, CA
School: Graduated from San Francisco State with a  degree in music and now teaching music
Favorite HeadCount band: Phish!
Best HeadCount experience: Working Outside Lands in 2008, right before the election. So many people were excited to vote and paying attention to politics, some for the first time. It felt to me like a lot of people finally woke up to what was going on and the energy and momentum during those months was a lot of fun.
What's your issue? Getting corporate funding out of our political system - almost every issue can be traced back to here. Even though the Supreme Court didn't really help us out with this one, I still think it's the single most important change that has to happen in our country. I'm also really passionate about food and farm policy - I think a shift towards local, sustainable agriculture has really far-reaching effects for our health, our rural economies, our environment, and our sense of connectedness to where we live.
Why do you volunteer for HeadCount? Because the more people start paying attention and making their voice heard, the less B.S. politicians and people in power can get away with. The fact that I get to help people be more politically involved AND see live music makes HeadCount awesome.
Hobbies: Playing music, traveling, growing things, seeing shows, hanging with my dog, snowboarding, reading, and PHISH.

Holly has been the Team Leader in San Francisco for almost 2 years now. She has helped at countless festivals and big shows, most recently she led a team at a DMB show to bring in over 100 pledges.