Take The Clean Concert Pledge

I took the Clean Concert pledge. CleanConcert.org
Yesterday was Earth Day and you were too busy to plant a tree.

It's understandable.

But as a live music fan, you should take the Clean Concert Pledge: "I will leave no trash on the ground at outdoor concerts and will encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same." Ben Coe at the Artist Farm created this great online pledge to help raise awareness about the impact our favorite pastime has on the environment.

Music festivals and concert venues have come a long way in last 40 years in terms of increasing awareness about their environmental footprint. But there's certainly room for improvement. Fortunately, there are many things you the concertgoer can do to keep things sustainable.

These include:

- Bring a refillable water bottle to festivals and don't purchase bottled water.
- Ask your bartender to fill your original glass when you get your second – or fifth – beer.
- Don't be a litterbug and compost leftover food.
- Volunteer with Clean Vibes.

Fewer than 250 people have taken the pledge thus far. Step up and take the pledge HeadCount community!