Regional Coordinator of the Week: Dan Conroe

Name: Dan Conroe

Location: Chicago IL

Alma Mater: Washington University in St. Louis, University of Illinois MBA

Work: HGadgroup

Favorite HeadCount Band: It's a tie between Neil Young, Phish, Drive-By Truckers, and Allman Brothers.

Best HeadCount Experience: Leading an awesome team that registered a record 1100 voters at Bonnaroo in 2008 was the highlight of my HeadCount career. But the other 100+ shows and festivals that I've worked at were also filled with great experiences.

What's Your Issue? Human rights. If we can guarantee basic human rights for all people, many other issues will become non-issues. But we need to increase our understanding the interconnectedness of these issues and show more consideration and concern for other communities and cultures.

Why do you like volunteering for HeadCount? I don't like it. I love it! In addition to liking the fun environment that we work in and meeting so many good people, I love encouraging live music fans to make their voices heard. Helping to bring new people into the democratic process is extremely rewarding, and it's just their first step towards being more a conscientious citizens.

Hobbies: Seeing excessive amounts of live music, biking, and traveling.

Dan has been involved with HeadCount since the beginning in 2004. He has led the team at Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and other festivals every year since then. Dan is one of the core volunteers within the organization that keeps us going. Every time Dan leads an event, we know we are in good hands.