Presidential Debates ARE a Laughing Matter

On the heels of our successful social media campaign on National Voter Registration Day, which expanded our talent roster from musicians to actors and comedians, we are happy to announce a partnership with WitStream, a curated live comedy news ticker. You may already be familiar with many of WitStream's talented comedians and writers (also known as  "Aristocrats"), such as Michael Ian Black, Weird Al Yankovic and Rob Delaney who helped us out on National Voter Registration day. Now, we're joining forces for the presidential debates.

WitStream is hosting a series of live comedy viewing parties in New York City during the three presidential debates, to benefit HeadCount and make debate viewing a laugh-inducing experience. The first will be at the 92YTribeca on Wednesday. It's not that we don't take the debates seriously - we do. It's that we also believe that political humor is an integral part of the American democratic experience.

WitStream's Aristocrats will be watching the debates live, and providing their signature razor-sharp commentary  on, an  iPhone App , Facebook and Twitter.

Through this, you can check out political news through a whole new lens.

If you're not able to join us in NYC, check out Witstream online, or just watch the debates on TV. We sure hope you'll tune in on Wednesday and the two subsequent debates (Oct. 16 & 22). All kidding aside, it's the best way to make an informed choice about who will lead this country.