“Music for Action” is back with State Radio

A year ago, HeadCount launched "Music for Action," a custom-built platform offering  free music to encourage political action. The first go-round focused on climate change, and the music was an exclusive compilation called "Best of Bonnaroo" featuring 18 live tracks from Pearl Jam, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Wilco and many others (My Morning Jacket's version of "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" was probably the highlight). More than 50,000 people downloaded the compilation, and about three quarters of them chose to take action on climate change.

Today, we are proud to announce that Music for Action is now making an encore appearance, with the first of three campaigns from our partner bands State Radio and Dispatch. The first, which debuted today, is from State Radio in support of death row inmate Troy Davis. Davis faces execution in the state of Georgia despite extensive evidence that he is innocent.

Anyone who visits the site can download two exclusive tracks from State Radio - "State of Georgia" and "All My Possessions (Ode to Troy)". Amnesty International and the Ruff Shod Foundation (State Radio's umbrella non-profit organization) are partners in the campaign.

HeadCount does not have a position on the death penalty or the Troy Davis case. Our role here is to provide the Music for Action platform to any partners interested in giving away music to encourage participation in democracy. We welcome any other bands or non-profits who might want to do something similar.

Here at HeadCount, we really do believe the crazy notion that music can change the world. Music for Action is another way we're trying to turn that belief into reality.