March Team Leader of the Month

HeadCount has the best volunteers in music and we want the whole world to know. We tried shouting it from various rooftops but after a few rooftops our voices got a little hoarse and we realized no one was listening to us. So instead we decided to highlight a different volunteer Team Leader every month. For the month of February we are celebrating Thais Schaller, one of HeadCount’s Team Leaders in New York, New York.

Name: Thais Schaller

Location: New York, New York

Alma Mater: Manhattan School of Music, Virginia Commonwealth U and Columbia Business School

Favorite Artist: No favorites too many to choose from!!!!!!  But I think everyone knows I'm a deadhead.  :)

Top Issues: Again, so many important issues it is impossible to choose.  However, women's rights, protecting our children, responsible gun legislation, abolishing the death penalty, prison reform, reforming drug sentencing, all of these things are extremely important to me and I am passionate enough about these issues to volunteer my time at Headcount and other NPO's to try to have an impact.

Hobbies: Well, I sing classical music and that is the largest piece of my life outside of my fantastic day job as Executive Director, E-Commerce at Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care and Headcount, but that's not really a hobby as I get paid.  Woot woot!  :) So let's say Zumba, Spin, any kind of exercise.  I have taken over my grandmother's genealogy project for our family and am joining the DAR to continue her legacy.  Any type of craft work, cooking, traveling and generally trying to enjoy every day.

Best HeadCount Experience: Impossible to choose as HeadCount is just that special but the Fare Thee Well shows were a dream come true.  I would not have missed them as a fan, but to be in Chicago with Headcount, working Participation Row and the silent auction, making a difference in our world put it right over the top.  I am a very lucky woman.