Live From TRI: A First-Hand Account

HeadCount Board of Directors member Bob Weir performed at his TRIStudios last night, which was Webcast live. Bob was kind enough to invite some HeadCount volunteers to attend. Here is one volunteer's account.

It was great to see Bobby in his newly finished TRI Studios in Marin last night. TRI Studios is a perfect setting for a band to rehearse, record and broadcast. Given it is Bobby's place, it was only fitting that Ratdog do a broadcast there.

There was lots of love in the room between the band members and the small group of friends and invitees in attendance. It's an intimate setting for everyone, which I think was even felt by the countless others watching via the live HD stream into cyberspace. The studio even has a Twitter and Facebook stream along side of the live feed for people to share their experiences while watching from all over the globe. The tweet and Facebook deck is nice because it allows you to feel connected to people all over the country and the globe sharing the same experience.

Growing up on the Grateful Dead, living in the Bay Area and having a parent that's a hardcore Deadhead all add up to having a great appreciation for the sound, style and scene the Dead created.

It appears Bobby was right when he said there were no instructions or guidance for doing this live studio stream. However he may be on to something. After talking to a few friends who watched, there is a business here for sure. An "entrance fee" for the live stream is small price to pay for the entertainment provided. I imagine that Bobby's onto something before its time... "All good things, in all good time" as the story of the Dead continues today.

A special thank you goes to Bobby and Ratdog for making the whole event special and I would personally like to give a shout out to HeadCount for extending the invitation to me and my date to attend. Hope to do it again sometime soon.