Hidden Track Interviews HeadCount Founders

[caption id="attachment_444" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="Marc and Andy"]Marc and Andy[/caption]Over at Hidden Track, Scott Bernstein interviews HeadCount founders Andy Bernstein (no relation) and Marc Brownstein about HeadCount's new What's Your Issue? campaign, staying engaged beyond elections, and bringing the HeadCount message to a larger community.

MB: It’s interesting that you mention Bonnaroo, Andy. In following the model of Bonnaroo in terms of starting with a core and spreading out, you almost have to give credit in a lot of ways to Bonnaroo for being the people who spread the wings of the jamband community to include bands like Death Cab For Cutie because Death Cab For Cutie isn’t completely clueless as to what our community is all about now because they go to Bonnaroo and Bonnaroo is engaging all these acts from all over the spectrum of genres of music and that really makes our job easier.

I’ve never really thought of it before or put it into words but it’s so helpful for all of these bands to see what this community is all about it. What the grassroots community is all about. How you can put 80,000 people in a field in the middle of nowhere. Everybody’s heard of Woodstock but it’s interesting to see it in the modern day with modern bands from every genre coming together. In a lot of ways it’s what HeadCount is all about. Bringing it all together.