HeadCount Will Send You On Jam Cruise!

Who wants to go on Jam Cruise?

HeadCount will be sending some of our best volunteers on unrivaled musical adventure at sea.  Anyone who helps us register voters at concerts is eligible.

Just sign up to volunteer here, and you are on your way,

Plus, we're putting together a special dinner on board with artists and our volunteers. Any HeadCount volunteer can attend the dinner. Just drop us a note at [email protected] to get the info! If you haven't booked a cabin yet, the low-down is here.

Jam Cruise 11 features moe.Medeski, Scofield, Martin & WoodBig GiganticGalactic and many more (see the full line-up). It's an experience you will never forget, and a chance to make lifelong friends.

Now here's the kicker... you can win a free spot on Jam Cruise plus travel expenses, by signing up for shows as a HeadCount volunteer, and standing out as the best volunteer in the U.S.

Yes, we are giving away a free trip on Jam Cruise to our Volunteer of the Year - this is open to any HeadCount volunteer who does NOT have a leadership position. Meaning anyone just signs up for shows and helps us register voters can win. To compete for this award, just start working as many shows as you can and ask your team leader to nominate you for the big prize.

Volunteer or sign up for shows any time at www.HeadCount.org/volunteer.

The Volunteer of the Year will be in a shared cabin with HeadCount Team Leaders, Regional Coordinators and phone canvassers from around the country, all of whom were named the most outstanding volunteers in their respective categories. It's not only a free trip, but a chance to share an experience with amazing people.


1. Sign up for as many shows as possible between now and the election.
2. Be an awesome volunteer. Register a ton of voters. Bring great spirit. Encourage others to get involved.
3. Ask your team leader to nominate you as Volunteer of the Year. Prize winners will be announced on or around November 7th, 2012. The prize includes $400 in travel expenses, plus a free spot in a shared cabin on Jam Cruise. Prize is non-transferable.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Happy cruising!