HeadCount Podcast

Our partners at Sonicbids helped put us in contact with up-and-coming bands that share our belief that music can be a powerful tool for encouraging people to be more active, involved citizens. We chose these tracks from among more than 50 submissions. Have a listen by clicking here

1. Tripsonix - "Great Pub in the Sky"
2. Blue Rabbit - "Like I'd Like You To"
3. Flavien - "I Can Too"
4. Haakon's Fault - "Pilgrimage"
5. Floyd Boy - "Chaos of Men"
6. Overnight - "This Is How"
7. Slave Unit -"In Time"
8. State of Undress - "Red Waters"
9. The Method - "Will Is Gone "
10. The Righteous Kind - "Let Freedom Ring"

[pictured: State of Undress]