HeadCount joins the Campus Consciousness Tour

Do you think music can change the world? I do. So for the next few weeks, I will be joining the Reverb Campus Consciousness Tour in hopes of finding out what really inspires us to action.
The Campus Consciousness Tour is a project of the non-profit environmental group, Reverb, who works with artists to make their concerts more sustainable and eco-friendly.  This spring, CCT will featured headling musicians J. Cole, The Sideline Story Tour, with special guest Big K.R.I.T.  During the day of show, students can visit an "Eco-Village" for free fun and live music from singer-songwriter Pete Kilpatrick.  The Eco-Village will also be hosting non-profit partners Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, NativeEnergy, and HeadCount.

Did I mention Ben and Jerry’s will be giving away free ice cream?

The Eco-Village will also offer up voter registration (courtesy of yours truly) and education on ways to vote for a healthy planet.  It’s definitely an important election year for environmental and social issues.  But we don’t have to wait to elect a president to start taking action.  I’ll be on the road not just registering one person at a time but bringing music fans together to make a real impact. It could be as small as filling up reusable water bottles at the Brita hydration stations or it as big as joining the campaign to “Get the Dough Out of Politics”. Find a CCT stop near you and check out how music is making a positive impact in your community.  Better yet, sign up to volunteer and be apart of the new wave of musicians and fans that are changing the world.